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UWM Libraries Strategic Goals 2010-11: Goal 4

Strategic Goals and action items for 2010-11 for the libraries webpage

Team 4

Ewa Barczyk (Leader)

Chris Baruth

Karen Jander

Susan Modder

Susanna Pathak (Coordinator)

Kathi Paly


Goal 4 Action Items

Responsive: Increase, diversify and reallocate resources.

Themes include Growth and Stewardship

4.1 Focus fund raising initiatives on expansion of digital preservation and access as well as increasing endowed collections particularly with regional emphasis, e.g. Brumder, LGBT, Kwasniewski, AGS archives.

4.2 Promote online resources to potential funders in part as a way to secure more funding for additional resources.

4.3 Utilize indirect funding resources to meet campus growth areas—remaining funding will be expended by October.

4.4  Adapt outcomes from Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) Efficiencies Taskforce.  

4.5 Conduct further review and reorganization identified in Reorganization Task Force Report (2009).

4.6 Seek efficiencies for finding resources (e.g. increase shelf-ready; streamline label processing; increase e-resources available).

4.7 Systematically plan to expand access to online resources based on user demands 1) review needs of print mono and journal purchases (identify percentage); 2) develop multi-year plan to reduce print mono acquisitions; 3) investigate on-demand printing;  4) patron driven acquisitions; and 5) e-content including ebooks.

4.8 Secure funding to support distance education services.