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UWM Libraries Strategic Goals 2010-11: Goal 3

Strategic Goals and action items for 2010-11 for the libraries webpage

Team 3

Kathi Jakubowski

Beth Kucera

Jim Lowrey

Susanna Pathak (Coordinator)

Kim Silbersack

Beth Traylor

Lisa Weikel (Leader)


Goal 3 Action Items

 Engaging, Dynamic: Create a more engaging and dynamic environment both on campus and online.

(Themes include Enhanced Spaces and Access)

 3.1 Develop the Media Library into a more welcoming area, including a more user and staff friendly service counter, enhanced security, group viewing facilities, and work stations which better enable students to digitize and remix various resources, creating new multimedia content for courses or portfolios.

 3.2 Create a Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons Advisory Group to guide development of resources and services.

 3.3 Develop plans for collaborative work/study commons for faculty and graduate students.

 3.4 Plan redesign/improvements in public spaces including Archives and Music.

 3.5 Pursue providing mobile support of key local applications.

 3.6 Identify and transfer to remote storage seldom-used materials, opening up space for more current, relevant items.