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UWM Libraries Strategic Goals 2010-11: Goal 2

Strategic Goals and action items for 2010-11 for the libraries webpage

Team 2

Michael Doylen (Leader)

Susan Foran

Sarah Kober

Linda Kopecky

Susanna Pathak (Coordinator)

Lisa Weikel

Goal 2 Action Items

 User Focused: Respond to the changing information needs of our community.

(Themes include: User Experience, Online Access, & Streamlining)

2.1  With the Graduate School, develop policies and practices to ensure compliance with mandates for the long term management and/or public accessibility of grant supported research data and publications.

2.2 Work through Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) to select new resource discovery tool to integrate and simplify access to resources to improve user experience.

2.3 Develop a new paradigm for providing reserve readings designed to improve copyright compliance and offer a more seamless interface for students.

2.4 Use assessment data to develop priorities for Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons services and spaces.

2.5 Develop list of priority resources and services to support distance education (c.f. action item 4.9, which address the need to raise funds to support DE services).

2.6 Review and expand relationship between Collections and Interlibrary Loan with the goal of providing more flexibility and quicker turnaround time to meet user expectations.

2.7  Refine Curriculum Collection collecting scope.

2.8   Develop process to identify faculty research and instructional needs for digital collections.

2.9  Work with Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) to coordinate reduction in Federal Depository Program.

2.10 Participate in Wisconsin Fellows Initiative.

2.11 Implement qualitative assessment of virtual reference services in RIS.