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UWM Libraries Strategic Goals 2010-11: Goal 1

Strategic Goals and action items for 2010-11 for the libraries webpage

Team 1

Ewa Barczyk

Catherine Loomis

Molly Mathias

Janet Padway (Leader)

Susanna Pathak (Coordinator)

Max Yela

Goal 1 Action Items

Proactive: Position the Libraries to be a more active partner in the mission of the University.

(Themes include Partnerships, Globalization, & Communication)

1.1  Expand collaborations/partnerships in support of campus Access to Success initiatives.

1.2  Create Information Literacy Center partnership with SOIS in response to anticipated incorporation of IL standards into the GER.

1.3  Information Literacy standards are incorporated into the GER plan.

1.4  Implement advocacy campaign to promote digital collections.

1.5  Strengthen communication with faculty regarding resources & services (e.g. Collections LibGuide for faculty; re-envisioning Contacts program).

1.6  Expand globalization efforts–continue international internships, foster collaborative digitizing through World Digital Library and other partners.

1.7  Use outreach assessment report (June 2010) to redefine outreach and multicultural programs and services.

1.8  Communicate the value of the Libraries to the University.

1.9  Lead scholarly communication initiatives including Open Access.

1.10  Work with the Graduate School to develop and implement a mandated electronic thesis and dissertation submission process.

1.11 Develop and promote cooperative programming to bring people into the Libraries. Organize open house gatherings for such groups as 21st Century Studies; CIE; IWA; Geography; History.

1.12 Collaborate on developing campus data management plan for National Science Foundation (NSF) grant submissions.