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Course Syllabi in the UWM Archives - Archives Dept.: Syllabi on Dept. Websites

A listing of course syllabi available in the UWM Archives, as well as links to other sites where syllabi are available.

Syllabi on Departmental Websites


A number of schools and departments maintain syllabi from recent academic years on their websites. A partial list follows:


If you are unable to find the syllabi you need in either the Archives or on the departmental websites, you should contact the departments directly to request copies. 


Syllabi in Web Collections

A number of instructors have uploaded their course syllabi to Department of Enrollment Services servers to be paired with their entry in the online Schedule of Classes. As of December 2012, we have archived the schedule and all attached syllabi within the UW-Milwaukee Web Collection as collected by the Internet Archive's Archive-It service. To access these syllabi, select the capture date closest to the date you are looking for on the Schedule of Classes seed page and browse as normal. Due to the nature of the Web Capture process, searching within the Schedule is non-functional.

Currently, the Web Collection contains syllabi uploaded by professors in this manner between the Summer 2012 and Summer 2013 semesters. Additional syllabi will become available as semesters "roll off" the main system and new ones take their place.

You may also find syllabi through a full-text search of the entire collection.