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Biographical Research: Other Sources

This guide provides information for conducting biographical research online and at UWM libraries. It provides recommendations for search paths and search tools, and lists some pertinent collections.

Web Sites

Evaluating Web Sites

When conducting research online, you want to make sure that the information you find is accurate.  Questions to ask yourself when evaluating a website are:

  • Is this a commercial website (.com)? Is it maintained by the government (.gov) or a college or university (.edu)?
  • What kind of website is it? Is it a wiki, someone's personal blog, an online encyclopedia entry, etc.?
  • Who is responsible for this website?  Is the creator/maintainer's name easy to locate?  What are his or her credentials?  Is there someone you can contact if you have a question?
  • If there are links, are any of them broken?  (Many broken links suggests that a site is old or has been abandoned.)
  • When was the site last updated?
  • Is there a bibliography?  Does the person who created the site cite any sources?
  • Is the site biased?  Is the bias obvious?