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Dance Resources at UWM: Copyright

How to access dance resources at the UWM Libraries. Especially for students in the Master's distance ed program

Copyright for Dancers - UWM MFA Grad Chelsea Bradley

UWM MFA Chelsea Bradley, who also holds a JD, has begun to create some videos to help Dancers/Choreographers understand copyright law as it pertains to their work.

This is a link to her youtube channel


Copyright Information

Copyright Issues


what the little red labels on all of the CDs & DVDs mean


The little red lable reads:



The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) prohibits the making of any reproductions of copyrighted materials without the written permission of the publishers.

This includes audio, visual, or computer software.

The person borrowing this material or using this equipment is liable for any infringement

What this means

What This Means


Wholesale copying/downloading of materials for which you have not paid is a crime.

The label on the jewel case absolves the Libraries, and the librarians, of any responsibility, so if you are caught ?

In other words -- I won't be going to jail with you.


When is it ok for you to copy something ?

If you are doing it for a specific assignment for a specific course, it MIGHT be ok.

Yes, your lessons are considered a specific course - but this only means that you may copy for 'study purposes' those pieces that you are actually working on.

Technically, when you are done working on the piece, you should destroy the copy of the music that you have been using to study with.


When is it definitely NOT ok ?


When it's for your own personal use and has nothing directly to do with your coursework.


Think about this way

You are all musicians. How would you like it if you recorded a CD and rather than each person buying a copy of it one person bought it and shared it with a million of their friends ?


Get the point ?



There are lots more details here

(there may also be a few bad links on that page - it needs updating... if you find one, let me know and I'll fix it)

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