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Dance Resources at UWM: Getting Stuff UWM Doesn't Have - ILL & "Get It" etc

How to access dance resources at the UWM Libraries. Especially for students in the Master's distance ed program

Delivery of Books


If you are a distance education student who does not live near another campus in the UW system.

Books will be mailed to your home address free of charge via FedEx. Please be sure to keep your address up to date in PAWS, as this is the address used for delivery. If you would like the materials mailed to a different address, please contact the Distance Education Librarian to set up this arrangement.

Delivery of Articles

All articles are sent electronically as PDFs to your ILLiad account.  Log into ILLiad, select Electronically Received Articles, then click on the PDF icon associated with the transaction number of the article.  Depending on the size of the article and speed of your internet, it could take several seconds for it to load.

UW System Loan and ILL

Just because you don't find something listed in the Libraries' catalog doesn't mean you can't get it, and get it fairly quickly. Try these.

  • UW System Search -- Borrow materials from other UW schools. This function is stream-lined in Search@UW (sort of).
  • Illiad -- InterLibrary Loan interface which allows for tracking of your requests and provides access to scanned articles when they arrive. Books/scores can still be requested directly through WorldCat, but this works well too
  •  -- Provides links from a citation to the full-text of the article if available or to other ways to get the article. A very useful tool is that it will 'populate' an ILLIAD form if needed.
  • WorldCat -- Confirm the existence of a book, score, or recording and place ILL requests for them. You can also search without logging in, but you can not make an InterLibrary Loan request through it, so I recommend using the other version.

If you're unclear on where you should try to get something from, the Libraries has a page that helps you to figure it out. That page is

Music, Theatre, & Dance Librarian

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Anna Grau Schmidt
Golda Meir Library, User Services
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