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Urban Studies 921: Research Methods in Urban Affairs

Advanced library and research resources for urban studies topics.

Try It Yourself

Use Data Planet to locate the number of unsheltered, chronically homeless individuals in Wisconsin in 2018. Use the Browse by Subject facet. Does this number surprise you? What other data might you use to contextualize this statistic?
What data could be useful to your research topic? Where might you find that data?

Data Planet

The Data-Planet repository provides access to over 35 billion data points, 4.9 billion datasets, and 450+ source databases from 70+ data providers. A robust suite of visualization, search, and analysis tools are embedded, or data can be exported via multiple formats.

Survey Data

Human Development Report 
Full-text reports from 1990-present; link to the Human Development Indicators database

Statistics Division - Demographic and Social Concerns
Basic education data including enrollment rates, expenditure, and school life expectancy for over 100 countries worldwide

Statistics Sites and Sources