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Urban Studies 921: Research Methods in Urban Affairs

Advanced library and research resources for urban studies topics.

Try It Yourself

Try using a current newspaper database, such as Newspaper Source Plus, to locate a current news article on community organizing. Can you create an APA or MLA citation for the article using tools in the database?
Next, search one of the historical newspaper databases, such as ProQuest Historical: Chicago Tribune, to locate a historical article on community organizing. Did the same search strategy work for both current and historical contexts? When might you need to adjust your search strategy to find historical publications?

Find Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles may provide a national perspective or include unique data for local areas, based on local reports.  Check out the following news databases for both current & historical topics.

Public Radio, Public Television and Broadcast News

National Public Radio is a source for news and commentary.  Click here for a directory of NPR podcasts.

Many Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasts are  available through the WPR audio archive.

WUWM's Project Milwaukee (and others) highlights local issues, and has an audio archive.


American Archive of Public Broadcasting
Discover historic programs of publicly funded radio and television. Includes more than 17,000 searchable audio and/or video clips from around the country,


WTMJ News Footage