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Graduate Research in Music - Music 710: Off Campus Access

Using resources in the UWM Music Library. Developed for the Graduate Research in Music Course.

Accessing Library Resources From Off-Campus

Accessing the Databases from Off-Campus requires that you know your 'ePanther' ID. This is the same logon/password you use to access your email, PAWS, and Canvas

Proxy Server -- If using non UWM  Internet Access (e.g.  RoadRunner, DSL) you must use the Proxy Server to access the databases other than Search@UW. All the links on this page (and the Music Library website) have been 'proxied' so that you can just click on them and they will prompt you for your e-panther information.

What this means is - if you use Google you will always get asked to pay for the article... which you should *never* do.

So ALWAYS - and I do mean ALWAYS - go through the Libraries' database page to do your searching because you'll be logged in to the system and won't get those pesky 'pay us' pop-ups.

There's more detail here

Music, Theatre, & Dance Librarian

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