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A Guide to Health Sciences, Medical and Nursing Information: Research Tips & Support

databases, web resources, statistics and print resources for Nursing, health sciences, medicine, bioinformatics

Mind Mapping

Try it Out-1: Mind Mapping

1. Use the Mind Map Chart to group related ideas

Think about which concepts go well together. Then, select terms from the bank below and drag them to the place in the chart that makes the most sense to you. There is no wrong way to organize these terms, but it will help to consider which terms are general and which terms are more specific.

2. Discuss

  • Look at how you've grouped the terms in your mind map. Which terms did you put together and why?
  • Compare your mind map with a partner. Did they choose and arrange the terms differently than you? Discuss how you decided to group your terms.

Blank Concept map

Assignment Calculator

Keeping Track of Your Search

Search Grid Example
Search Terms and/or Phrases Used Number of Initial Results Filters applied and How that Changed Relevancy of Results
(after filters)
(CTE OR "chronic traumatic Encephalopathy" OR Concussion) AND communication 320 + Academic Journals (112)
+ 2008-2018 (111)

Moderately relevant, 

Broad range of articles.

"traumatic brain injury" OR TBI AND "social communication" 14 + 2008-2018 (13) 4 great articles


Using And, Or and Not

Use the words and, or, and not combined with keywords or subject terms to give you ways to improve your results.

And   narrows a topic, e.g., sports AND women retrieves all items pertaining to both topics.

Or  expands a topic, e.g., sports OR women retrieves all items pertaining to either topic, getting you many items about sports that don't mention women and vice versa.

Not is used to exclude unwanted topics,


 Here is a video with a whimsical example of Boolean searching.