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National History Day: 2018 Topics

This guide provides resources and research strategies for National History Day students.

Sources and Room Assignments

Room A

Abbi, Alison, Georgia, Matt

Jesus’s Crucifixion
    Josephus on Crucifixion
    The History and Pathology of Crucifixion
    Roman Crucifixion Methods Reveal the History of Crucifixion

The Indian Removal Act
    Penelope Johnson Allen Cherokee Collection, 1775-1878
    Hall County Georgia Historical Photograph Collection
    Map showing lands assigned to emigrant Indians west of Arkasas and Missouri
    Indian Removal Act web guide

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
    Remembering the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire
    Rose Schneiderman's April 2, 1911 speech
    NYT article "Doors were locked, say rescued girls:"
    NYT article "To protect city factory workers:"
    NYT article "Girl strikers well treated, says Baker:"
    NYT article "Lack of fire drill held responsible:"
    Library of Congress Prints & Photographs
    Famous Trials, Triangle Fire Trial

Louis Zamperini
    1954 Photograph
    1943 Photograph
    LA Times article "Zamperini starts home; survives 47 days on raft"
    List of ProQuest articles

Anne Frank
    Poem to her classmate
    Otto Frank talks about Anne's diary
    Anne Frank House
    CNN article "Researchers say Anne Frank perished earlier than thought"

Babe Didrickson Zaharias
    Washington Post article    "Babe Didrikson"
    1945 Photograph
    1932 Photograph

Juan Ponce de Leon
    Juan Ponce de León Lands in Florida
    The Florida Historical Society Quarterly "History of Juan Ponce de Leon's Voyages to Florida"
    History of Juan Ponce de Leon's Voyages to Florida:

    Maps and Images
    Today in History - May 14
    Captain John Smith: a select edition of his writings (ebook)
    Jamestown project

Lost Colony of Roanoke
    Map of Virginia Roanoke Colony 1590
    NYT article "The Roanoke Island Colony:"
    Fort Raleigh and the Lost Colony    
    First Colony Foundation: The Roanoke Colonies

Thomas Jefferson's presidency
    The Declaration of Independence: How did it happen?
    Thomas Jefferson Resource Guide

Valley Forge
    George Washington Letter from Valley Forge
    Washington describes the Continental Army at Valley Forge

The Culper Spy Ring
    Washington & his military family. Letter to Maj. Talmage
    The Culper Code Book
    General Washington’s First Spy, and Why His Mission Was Doomed from the Start
    Abraham Woodhull: The Spy Named Samuel Culper

    NYT article "Ruffian hurt, Out for year"
    NYT article "Ruffian Vs. Best Colt Sought"
    VIN news article "Revival of equine hospital
    DVM news "Opening of Equine treatment facility
    NYT article "Ruffian destroyed after injury in race"
    Blog post "My Echo, My Shadow & Me: Ruffian"
    Could Ruffian have been Saved

Battle of Gettysburg
    Photos, letters & maps
    Robert E. Lee account of the battle
    Haskell's account of the battle

Abraham Lincoln's assassination
    Account of the assassination
    Assassination resources
    Next day assassination documents
    The Alfred Wital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

Battle of Little Bighorn: George Custer
    Custer's Last Stand
    Custer's documents
    Map of Little Bighorn
    Little Bighorn, A place of reflection

Purchase of Alaska
    Treaty with Russia for the Purchase of Alaska
    Check for the purchase of Alaska
    Alaska: Meeting of Frontiers
    Map of Russian America or the Alaska Territory
    Original of Treaty with Russia for Cession of Alaska
    Purchase of Alaska, 1867
    America's Story: Purchase of Alaska


Room B

Heidi, Marvin, Stephanie, Stephen, and Samantha

Iran Hostage Crisis
    National Archives: 444 Days
    The Hostage Crisis in Iran
    Iran hostage's diary
    The Iran Hostage Crisis, a chronology of daily developments

1996 chess match between Deep Blue & Kasparov
    Time magazine article "Deep Blue Funk"
    Thoughts on Deep Blue vs. Kasparov
    Newsweek article "Man vs. Machine"
    The Implications of Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
    Details of the games

Harry Houdini
    Harry Houdini Scrapbooks
    NYT article

Alfred Nobel & dynamite
    NYT article "The Life of Nobel"
    Blog Post "Alfred Nobel’s Will: A Legal Document that Might Have Changed the World and a Man’s Legacy"

Tuskegee Institute, first black university
    Teaching at the Tuskegee Institute
    Encyclopedia of Alabama - Booker T Washington
    Tuskegee and It's People
    Black-belt Diamonds
    Nineteenth annual report on the principal of the Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute
    Negro education not a failure

Buffalo Soldiers
    Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper
    Correspondence with Representative John A. T. Hull
    Discover: Buffalo Soldiers

Muhammad Ali
    Supreme Court Cases
    Muhammad Ali Refuses Army Induction 1967
Muhammad Ali interview on not joining the army

First televised presidential debate
    Debate Transcripts 1
    Debate Transcripts 2
    Debate Transcripts 3
    Debate Clips
    Kennedy-Nixon Debates by the Mary Ferrell Foundation
    Debunking Nixon's radio victory in the 1960 election

UW-Oshkosh Black Thursday
    UW-Oshkosh Black Thursday Collection
    Black Studies Center access to African American Newspapers use search terms: Oshkosh 1968
    Black Protest, White Hysteria-Article written by UWO History Professor

U.S. invasion of Panama
    Washington Post article
    Operation Just Cause:
    Human Rights Statements about Panama & Manuel Noriega
    Operation Just Cause (ebook)

Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson loses to Henry Tillman 1984 Olympic Trials
    Mike Tyson talks about his REAL father Cus D'Amato
    Emotional Mike Tyson on trainer who made him champ
    Come Out Swinging: The Changing World of Boxing in Gleason's Gym (ebook)
    Mike Tyson's new book is a memorial to the man who made him a champion
"At only 20 years of age, Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world". Archived from the original on February 17, 2015. Retrieved March 18, 2016.

Walt Disney's early life
    Walt Before Mickey (ebook)
    The Animated Man a Life of Walt Disney (ebook)

Bombing of Pearl Harbor
    NYT article "Child among the dead"
    NYT article "Kimmel says Navy withheld vital data pointing to attack"
    The Attack on Pearl Harbor: America Enters WWII

John Brown & Harpers Ferry
    John Brown's Harpers Ferry
    American Battlefield Trust John Brown's Harpers Ferry Raid
    Primary Source Set from DPLA

The Pullman Strike
    Pullman Strike, 1894
    Pullman Strike for Kids

"The Birth of a Nation"
    Fighting a vicious film: Protest against "The birth of a nation."
    Illustrated program
    Photograph of group outside of Salt Lake Theatre
    Account of Protest against showing "The Birth of a Nation" in New York
    The Birth of a Nation guide
    Legacy of Birth of a Nation

The Boston Massacre
    Massachusetts Historical Society: The Boston Massacre
    Massachusetts Historical Society: Perspectives on the Boston Massacre

The Salem Witch Trials
    Salem Witch Trials: Documentary Archive & Transcription Project
    A Guide to the On-Line Primary Sources of the Salem Witch Trials
    The Salem Witchcraft site

The Boston Tea Party
    Massachusetts Historical Society: The Boston Tea Party
    Boston Tea Party Historical Society: Bibliography
    Writings of Samuel Adams

The Battle of Saratoga
    The American Revolution, 1763-1783. Timeline
    Prints & Photographs

The Gulf War oil spill
    NYT articles

Waco, Texas Siege
    Waco Tribune article "The Sinful Messiah"


Reading Room


1900 Galveston, Texas hurricane
    West Indian Hurricane of September 1-10, 1900
    Medical & Sociological Aspects of the Galveston Storm

1936 Summer Olympics
    Encyclopedia entry from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    NYT article "Jesse Owens: A chilly reception in Nazi Germany, then Olympic glory
    "A Blond, Broad-shouldered Athlete with Bright Grey-blue Eyes" German Propaganda...
    Berlin Stories: misreading the 1936 Olympics
    Jesse Owens Collection at The Ohio State University
    Official  1936 Olympic Report 
   Summer 1936 Olympic Highlights 

US Industrial Revolution: Most powerful engines
    The Henry Ford Museum digital collections
    The Making of the Mitchell Car, 1911

The Cutter Incident: Polio Vaccine
    Polio and the Salk Vaccine
    The History of Vaccines, Cutter Incident
    U.S. Blames its own tests in Cutter Vaccine Incident
    History of Vaccines, Polio
    NYT article The Salk Vaccine
    The Cutter Incident how America's first polio vaccine led to the growing vaccine crisis (ebook)

The War of 1812: Battle of New Orleans
    Treaty of Ghent Transcript
    Battle of New Orleans Broadside

Wernher von Braun & the first rocket
    Sources at Marshall Center
    Article on his 100th birthday