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ARCH650/850: Intermediate Design Studio: Vulnerability | Fall 2020 (Trudy Watt): Navigating the Research Process: College Level Research Tutorial

Resources for the Fall 2020 course: ARCH650/850: Intermediate Design Studio: Vulnerability

College-Level Research Tutorial

These modules are designed to teach you practices and ways of thinking about information that will allow you to:

  • Transform personal curiosity into college-level inquiry (MODULE 1)
  • Understand and select sources based on their author, audience, and purpose (MODULE 2)
  • Strategically and methodically search for sources to support a specific research objective (MODULE 3)
  • And to share your ideas in ways that do not silence or exploit the work of others (MODULE 4)

MODULE 1: Focusing Your Curiousity

MODULE 2: Thinking Critically About Sources

MODULE 3: Developing a College-Level Search Strategy

MODULE 4: Creating and Crediting