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Evidence Based Practice Tutorial: Apply & Assess

The EBP Process

4. Apply: Apply the evidence to clinical practice.5. Assess: Assess the new clinical practices.

Evidence in Practice

Once you have asked your clinical question, found, and appraised the evidence, it is time to put your findings into practice and the audit the results.

There are plenty of great resources to help guide you through the rest of the Evidence-Based Practice cycle, check out some of the selected resources, or use the key terms to search for more.

Citing Evidence

Whether it is for a school assignment, clinical practice, or a professional publication, you will need to document the evidence you use.

Check out these resources on how to create citations.

Key terms

Find resources on applying and assessing Evidence-Based Practice by searching with some of these keywords:


  • Clinical Application
  • Implementation
  • Decision Making

A Different Take on Applying Evidence

Evidence Informed Practice (EIP) is an alternate methoud of incorporating evidence into clinical practice. While still valuing evidence, it takes a less rigid approach to how evidence should be applied, placing greater emphasis on incorporating the clinician's experience and the patient's presentation.