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Visiting Students Research Guide: PUMPS

Sample Activites

Sample lesson plan for visits

Session 1:

  • Introduction and explanation of Program/visit expectations
  • Introduction to Academic Databases and Resources
  • Course integrated Instruction for Assignment
  • Visit from Campus department

Session 2:

  • How to find information for career of choice
  • How to cite sources effectively
  • Visit from Academic Advisor

Session 3:

  • Capstone Project/Group Presentation
  • Campus Tour

Various Assessments can be added to any session

Welcome Students!

Welcome students to the UWM Libraries! 

P.U.M.P.S (Partnership of UWM & MPS: Prepare and Succeed) Program Details: 

In collaboration with MPS, the UWM Libraries has developed the P.U.M.P.S program for current high school MPS students.

Core learning outcomes for class visits:

  • Introduction to College level academic and career research

  • Develop critical thinking skills in evaluating sources

  • Learn to provide appropriate attribution of sources 

  • Establish connections and obtain valuable information from relevant UWM departments

  • Assist with development of Post-Secondary Plans with completion of Presentation

  • Develop career awareness and  identify pathways to success