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RefWorks Quick Start Guide: Using Write-N-Cite

Getting started with RefWorks

Installing Write-N-Cite (General Overview)

Write-n-Cite Basics

Write-N-Cite (all PC versions & Mac Word 2011 and earlier)

Get the Plugin

From your RefWorks page, go to the "three dots" menu and choose "Tools."

Scroll down to "Cite in Microsoft Word" and click 

Add a Citation

Once you have installed Write-N-Cite, open Microsoft Word and click the tab that has been added to your ribbon -- it will be called either "ProQuest" or "RefWorks." Click on “Log In” and enter your RefWorks username and password.

To add your first citation, choose “Insert Citation” and then “Insert New.”


A window pops up allowing you to choose a RefWorks citation from your RefWorks folders.

Click “OK” and the citation is added to your document:

Once you insert a citation, it also gets added to a menu under the “Insert Citation” button so you can re-use it quickly:

Add a Bibliography

You can insert a bibliography into your document by clicking “Bibliography Options” and “Insert Bibliography.”

The bibliography is added to the document. It updates automatically, so every time you add a citation to the body of your text, the full citation appears in the bibliography, properly ordered:

At any time, you can change your citation style . . .

. . . and the citations and bibliography in your document will automatically update.

You can add a citation as a footnote instead of an in-text citation by checking the box that says “Make Footnote” when you add a new citation.

A footnote is added to the bottom of the page:

That’s it! Now you know all you need to begin using Write-N-Cite to speed up you work.

The plugin also has advanced options for things like customizing your bibliography’s formatting or editing your citations. You can learn more at

Write-N-Cite's Mac version looks a little different but functions identically to the PC version.

Installing Write-N-Cite on a Mac:

First, download Write-N-Cite to your computer. If you have an older version of Write-N-Cite already installed, you may get a pop-­­up message like the one below when you open Word. To download the latest version of Write-N-Cite, login to your RefWorks account and go to Tools --> Write-­­N-­­Cite.


There are two versions of Write-N-Cite available: Mac and Windows. Choose the appropriate version for your computer, and download and install the software. Then, open Microsoft Word.

If you open Microsoft Word and don’t automatically see the Write-N-Cite toolbar at the top left of your screen, go to Help and search for “Write-­­N-­­Cite.” This will give you a link to show your WNC toolbar.

Before you login to Write-N-Cite, your toolbar will look like the one below. Click the person icon to enter your RefWorks login information:

Enter your RefWorks account info in the login window. All the sources currently in your RefWorks account will then be downloaded to Write-N-Cite in Word.


Now, your Write-N-Cite toolbar will look like this. You’re ready to write…and cite!


Using Write-N-Cite on a Mac

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