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Art History 205: History of Film Gorfinkel
by Kathy Bowes, Kate Ganski, Beth Kucera - Last Updated Nov 7, 2013
Resources to help students locate still film images
Tags: art, art history, arthist205, film, gorfinkel
Art History 250
by Kate Ganski - Last Updated Dec 7, 2012
Course guide for gathering resources for your bibliography on the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood
Biological Sciences 202 / Petto
by Kate Ganski - Last Updated Feb 24, 2014
Library research guide for finding cited references on case studies in human anatomy and physiology
Celtic Studies 133: Celtic Crossings
by Kate Ganski, Molly Mathias, Tyler Smith - Last Updated Sep 25, 2013
A guide to assist the students of Celtic Studies 133 in their research for their final paper
Communication 103
by Kate Ganski - Last Updated Feb 21, 2014
Library research help for students preparing speeches for Communication 103
Tags: debate, rhetoric, speech
Educational Psychology 100
by Theresa Beaulieu, RIS Dept., Kate Ganski - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Guide to finding resources and evaluating information for career research in Educational Psychology 100.
Tags: careers, edpsych
English 102: College Writing and Research
by RIS Dept., Kate Ganski - Last Updated Apr 10, 2014
Library research module for English 102. Includes Information Literacy Tutorial.
by Kate Ganski, Ahmed Kraima - Last Updated Mar 18, 2014
Reference guide covering a variety of aspects in both American history and world history
History 448: History of Race, Science, and Medicine in the United States
by Kate Ganski, Tyler Smith - Last Updated Feb 12, 2013
Guide to library resources useful for historical and biographical research on African Americans in science.
by Kate Ganski, Molly Mathias - Last Updated Jul 10, 2013
A Hmong Family Memoir by Kao Kalia Yang is the UWM 2013 Common Reading Experience Selection
by Kate Ganski, Molly Mathias, Kate Otto - Last Updated Dec 7, 2012
Reading Citations
by Kate Ganski - Last Updated Nov 5, 2013
Religion and Mythology Research Guide
by Kate Ganski - Last Updated Dec 13, 2013
Guide to finding religion and mythology information.
Tags: buddhism, christianity, islam, judaism, mysticism

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