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Library programs and services for advanced computer users.


This page lists library programs and services for advanced computer users.

Advanced users may also benefit from reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.

Subject Guide

Browser Add-On

A LibX toolbar is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer users. This provides access to library shortcuts and the ability to search the catalog from your browser toolbar.

DOI Searching

To search for an article with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), use Search@UW. Only the DOI needs to be entered.

Citation Managers


RefWorks, a web-based bibliographic citation manager tool, is available from the list of library databases. Refer to the quick start guide for more information.

EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, and Others

Other bibliographic citation manager programs exist in the marketplace. With our educational technology funding and site license for RefWorks, however, we do not provide access or support to other products, other than the information below.

To enable OpenURL links, enter for the OpenURL path. 

The Bibliographic Database Management Software guides at the UW-Madison Library Website provide some tips for using these programs. For further assistance using bibliographic citation manager software, contact the software maker.

Z39.50 Information

Please refer to the Z39.50 Server Information page at UW-Madison for connection information. Note that UWM's database name is 01UWI_MIL, otherwise all settings are identical.

Google Scholar Settings

"Institutional Access" via the Google Scholar Preferences is available for UW-Milwaukee.

Wireless Internet Access

Access is available in most areas of the library building. You must configure your computer with your ePanther ID and password to gain full access. For more information, see UWM WiFi.

Off-Campus URL Generator

Use the Off-Campus URL Generator to create login links to online subscriptions.

Bookmarking Database Links

The library homepage now highlights Search@UW, our primary research gateway that includes over 99% of requested materials.

If you need direct links to frequently used databases, you can save durable links to your browser's favorites/bookmarks by using the Databases A-Z links. Look for the icon to obtain a link that can be sent to others, or simply drag the name of the database to your bookmarks or favorites.

See a video example for details.