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UWM Libraries Staff Training Portal: Background
& Purpose

A collection of library staff training and development resources and opportunities.

Staff Training


Create an centralized area for UWM Libraries Staff can go to get an array of Professional Development opportunities per the Strategic Plan

Goal 5: Recruit, Develop, Retain, Diverse Personnel

5.1   Recruit & retain personnel from diverse backgrounds

  • Promote available positions in a wide array of publications reflecting diverse population viewership
  • Actively recruit at professional conferences targeting diverse populations
  • Hold Staff Exchanges focused on issues of diversity
  • Seek out and send to staff diversity programs on campus
  • Secure funding for creation or expansion of programs to recruit diverse personnel in collaboration with SOIS

5.2   Implement initiatives to develop and retain staff

  • Study policy for
  • Flexible work scheduling
  • Telecommuting
  • Continue to encourage professional development opportunities for all permanent staff

5.3    Empower personnel to adapt to change within the organization

  • Keep staff current on trends in the field of librarianship
  • Increase access to training and leadership opportunities

 5.4     Foster a positive work environment and climate

  • Implement creative ideas for staff recognition
  • Support staff events at the Library