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Children's and YA Literature: In the Classroom

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American Folklore
Stories to tell aloud

Read and Learn
K-2 non-fiction, can read or be read to

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Storytelling on line


Listen to a story at Book Hive


Read aloud

For more stories and fantastic reviews, search You Tube for Elizabeth Bird

OR catch her blog at Fuse 8 Productions


Find lesson plans that use Children's and YA literature in the Teaching Resources guide and Teaching Books.

Common Core State Standards: Resources from Booklist Publications
Lists children's books to address common core standards

What Kids Are Reading Now 
Information about the books read most often by students nationwide

Meta-analysis (2010) by RIF
Shows that access to print materials produces positive behavioral, educational, and psycholoical outcomes

The pleasures of children's literature -- Perry Nodelman
An introduction to academic study of children's literature - not your Grandmother's approach to children's literature