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History 418: America in Prosperity, Depression and War, 1921-1945: Starting Your Research

Constructing a Search

Constructing a Search

Write down the research question and underline key concepts. Think of synonyms and alternate terms for each of the main concepts. Think broader, or narrower, depending on results of initial searches. Consult a thesaurus or index, if available, to narrow and focus the search.


*For example: How did President Herbert Hoover respond to the Great Depression?

President Herbert Hoover: President Hoover, Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933 (term), Republican

Great Depression: Laissez-faire, labor harmony, volunteerism, Hoovervilles, capitalism, individualism

Using Reference Books

Reference books provide a starting point for all research. By seeking out words and ideas that represent your research topic the entries within the reference books will provide a short summary but most importantly there will be a bibliographic list of books and resources to consult on the topic you looked up.

Reference Books in the UWM Libraries

Search@UW: Initial Search

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