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A guide with helpful information and links to help faculty transition their Electronic Reserve readings to D2L.

***Upcoming Changes to E-Reserve Service***

Upcoming Changes to E-Reserve Service


After investigating options available to us, we will be transitioning our E-Reserve service to one in which course readings are posted directly in D2L. Under this new system, faculty will submit individual scanning requests via the interlibrary loan system, ILLiad. Staff will locate these materials and provide electronic copies of articles and chapters of books directly to faculty ILLiad accounts. The faculty member may then post the readings in D2L. Faculty will receive all of their current E-Reserve PDF files and, thus, will not need to re-request them. We will no longer be hosting these materials on library-created web pages and linking them in our Course Reserve catalog. 

For more detailed information, please review the Library Director’s letter here.


Why are you making this change?

The E-Reserve service began at the UWM Libraries in 1996 and has remained essentially unchanged for 17 years. During this time, faculty have sought greater control over their content, students have demanded one-stop access through D2L, and the Libraries have endeavored to deliver course content in a more timely manner. We believe this change achieves those three improvements. In addition, D2L provides faculty with a way to track usage of their readings by students and offers better copyright compliance by assuring that only students enrolled in the course can access the readings. Note that traditional, media and audio reserve will remain unchanged.

What will you be able to do for me?

The Reserve staff will be able to supply all of the files that you have placed on E-Reserve. The link to these files will be sent to you in an email soon, along with instructions for opening and saving the files. The Reserve staff will also provide instruction on how to post these readings in D2L.  We will not be able to post your readings in D2L for you. We are working on a web site which will provide you with video instruction, as well as step by step written instructions for this process. In addition, the Learning Technology Center has ample documentation on this process and also offers scheduled instruction sessions as well as one on one walk-in support for D2L. Once your E-Reserve files have been saved and uploaded to your courses in D2L, the Interlibrary loan staff will provide ongoing assistance with obtaining materials such as journal articles and book chapters.

What, exactly, do I have to do under this new system? 

You may scan your own readings or request course materials through ILLiad. The ILL staff will find what you need, scan it, and deliver the PDF file to your ILLiad account. You should make requests for all your materials through this method, even if you have the book or journal issue in hand which has the chapter or article you desire. The ILL staff will be able to locate the item in our stacks, or from another source, and have the scan made for you. This will be quicker than if you brought in the book or journal to them, and allows you to always retain possession of your materials. Within the ILLiad request form, use the field which indicates the item is to be posted in D2L. The ILL staff will give priority to requests for materials for your courses and you should receive most of the files quicker than if you had dropped off the materials for the E-Reserve staff to scan. Each request must be made separately through ILLiad; the ILL staff will not be able to work off of lists. Once the files are delivered to your ILLiad account, you may upload them to your D2L course or use them as you wish.

Can I place photocopies on Reserve in lieu of posting readings in D2L?

No. The Media and Reserve Library discontinued circulating photocopied materials (also known as 'pamphlet items') a few years ago.

Will I get my past E-Reserve readings from you to post in D2L?

Yes. You've likely already received two automated emails which included a link to an archive of all your E-Reserve documents as well as links to instructions for posting these files in D2L. The first automated emails were sent in July 2013 and the second were sent in November 2013. Finally, towards the end of the Spring 2014 semester, we will send this same email to all faculty and staff with historical E-Reserve files for the last time. If you would prefer to receive your historical E-Reserve files another way, we will try our best to accommodate you. For instance, we can copy your files to a USB flash drive.

What if I already have a direct link to my E-Reserve readings in D2L?

In past semesters, Reserve Services staff regularly emailed direct links to individual E-Reserve lists to faculty to use in D2L. These links will disappear after May 23, 2014 when the E-Reserve service is no longer supported. Faculty will need to save and re-upload the individual pdf files to D2L.

I have already transitioned all of my E-Reserve readings to D2L but just noticed that my old E-Reserve lists are still displaying under my name and course number via the Library's Course Reserve Catalog. Why did this happen and can you delete these links?

When we're not sure if you've transitioned your readings to D2L, we err on the side of caution and renew your E-Reserve lists just in case you haven't had a chance to transition them to D2L. Simply contact us via email at: and let us know that you'd like us to remove these links in our Course Reserve Catalog and we will do so promptly.

I have not used D2L to post readings before, who can help me?

We will include information on posting materials in D2L within the email you’ll be receiving with the link to the archive of all of your E-Reserve documents. In addition, the ILL staff have included information on this process on their LibGuide: Illiad for D2L. The Learning Technology Center (LTC) also has extensive information about D2L on their web site D2L Basics for E-Reserve Users and can offer both instructional sessions as well as one-on-one assistance for the novice user. The E-Reserve staff will be able to work with you to show you how the process works, but they will not be able to upload your files for you.

When do I have to start using this new method?

You may start using this new method at any time. In fact, we recommend that you begin using this method as soon as possible, especially if you previously used E-Reserve for multiple courses each semester. The final cutoff for switching from the current E-Reserve system over to D2L is the end of Spring 2014. The Libraries will no longer be supporting E-Reserve after May 23, 2014 and by Summer 2014 all faculty and staff must have made the transition.

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