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English 205: Business Writing/Khatchadourian: Getting Started

Recommended sources and research strategies for Formal Research Report assignment

Business Librarian

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Additional options for help:

Ask a Librarian/Research Help Desk services: live chat service 24/7 or view other options.

Off-Campus Access

UWM students, faculty & staff with Internet access can connect to most of the Libraries' subscription databases & electronic journals from off-campus.

►  Click on a database or research tool and you will be prompted to authenticate using your ePanther ID and password.


Welcome to the UWM Libraries

In-class Activity: Evaluating Sources

► Briefly review the article below:
Take a close look at the Abstract/Details and quickly scan the article.
* Please note: it is not necessary to read through the entire article.

► Then be prepared to discuss:

1. Would this article be a good source for the example topic? 

2. Why or why not? Provide a few reasons to support your answer.


Library Research Worksheet

Using your own research topic, follow the steps in this worksheet to work through the keyword search process.