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e-Books@UWM: EBL e-Books

A guide to finding and using e-Books from the UWM Libraries collections.

Reading EBL e-Books Online

When you find EBL books in Search@UW you may view the book for about ten minutes before the book is "loaned" to you. Once three of our users have borrowed the book we will purchase it for the UWM e-Book collection.  Either way, you get the book you need!

For more information see What is EBL and What Will it do for Me? There are two options for viewing an e-book, when you find the book you want to read, click on the link Search@UW. You will then be prompted to sign in using your ePantherID and password (you will have to do this regardless of whether you're on or off campus). Once you are in EBL you will need to choose whether to read online or downlowad. 

Troubleshooting EBL

Printing problems:

  • Printing problems are usually related to Adobe Reader preferences and/or browser settings
  • Make sure that you have Adobe Reader installed,
  • That Adobe Reader's JavaScript Preferences (Edit --> Preferences) have Acrobat Javascript enabled,
  • That preferences are set to "Open PDF in Browser," and
  • That your web browser has Javascript enabled

 Firefox vs. PDF:

  • Firefox sometimes creates problems with the PDF view
  • To avoid these, Firefox requires some special settings
  • Switch to another browser OR use the "image" view instead of PDF in order to read the page


    More on Firefox vs. PDF, from EBL rep (April 2011):

    --EBL will not open PDF files in firefox.

    --The Rep is checking plug-ins for FF 3.6 users on PC,  unfortunately, for Mac users there is no solution


              --The windows version of this plug-in should allow you to view PDFs within FF:

              --For Mac users this will also work for FF 3.6, although not for FF 4.0

    Technical Notes

    -- EBL will require patrons to enter their UWM ID/password even if they are using a UWM computer.

    -- EBL allows X number of patrons to read the same book concurrently, so you won't be shut out even if someone else is reading it.

    -- Don't worry if you forget to log out (top right); you won't trigger a purchase by mistake

    -- Browse: You can look at the book for 5-10 minutes, and then you'll be prompted to "request a loan."

    -- Loan Length:

    • For Non-purchased books, patrons can choose between: 1 or 7 days for loan length
    • For purchased books, patrons can choose between: 4 or 7 days for loan length

    -- Printing and copying:

    • You can print 20% of a book, and copy 5%
    • You can see how much more you're allowed to print/copy on the "details" tab
    • Even if you've tried to print pages and been unsuccessful, you may still print those same pages even if your print quota has been reached 

    Logging into EBL

    1. To log into EBL to view/download an e-book from Search@UW, click on the link in the record.

    (You can tell if it's an EBL ebook because "EBL" is in the url.)

    2. Log in with your ePantherID


    3. Choose how you want to view the ebook.


    4. If you choose to download the book, ADE is required. If you don't have ADE on your computer you need to download and install it. If you already have it installed, continue by choosing loan length and format.

    Printing & Copying