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UWM Music Library Student Employee Guide: Calling in

Training Resources for new student workers in the Music & Curriculum Library

Calling in Sick

Notifying Music Library Staff in Case You’re Sick or Unable to Get In For Your Shift


How to notify us that you can't make it in when you're sick, or if the weather makes it too dangerous to travel (I'd rather you stay home than risk your life!)

If it's the night before

call Rebecca’s cell phone *and* email everyone (if you can) - Carolyn, Rebecca, and all your cohorts... someone might be able to take your shift if they know about it.

If it is early in the morning and you're supposed to open

please call/Text Rebecca’s cell phone as early as you possibly can - she might be able to adjust her morning routine and get in to open for you. But also send an email/text your cohorts - someone else might be able to as well.

If the Music Library is already open for the day

please call in and let whomever answers know.

If we've already opened and the shift is later in the day

you should call in and send an email or text to everyone (if you can) so that if someone has some free time and wants some cash they can come in and cover it for you.

The main thing is do not just send an email to Rebecca, get the information out to as many of us as you can.

If Rebecca is in a meeting all day - or off or out of town at a conference - the information won’t get passed on if you just email her. Also, we worry about you because we ‘haven’t heard from you’ (even though technically you’ve left information but no one knows it), and we can't do anything to try to find a sub for you.

(updated 23 August 2017)