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UWM Music Library Student Employee Guide: Music Library Opening
& Closing Procedures

Training Resources for new student workers in the Music & Curriculum Library


Music / Curriculum Library Opening Procedures

  1. Clock-in using the Time-Clock computer downstairs,
    1. pick up key #17 from Circulation (gray box on wall),
    2. sign out for the key,
    3. pick up books/scores/cds/Lps/Cass from shelf in Circulation.
  2. Once upstairs, use the 'bridge' key on the keyring to unlock the door to the Elevator Room
  3. Place all materials to be discharged on the bottom shelf of the bookcart by the Circ terminal so you don't forget to discharge them
  4. Sign on to the Circ. terminal - Don't forget to launch the Circ System in your preferred browser
  5. Open Service Windows - while computer is logging on. 
    1. Place appropriate materials on the reserve counter.  This includes the bell, paper/pencil
  6. Discharge materials brought up from Main Circ – Don't forget to stamp out the due dates on them too.
  7. Check Voice Mail  Instructions are next to the phone.  If there are messages, follow through with appropriate action (e.g. write a message sheet up if there's voicemail for another staff member, as opposed to a direct request for help, which you can take care of).
  8. Straighten the Music Library:
  9. Look for stray papers, keys, or other personal items. Personal items go back down to Circ to their “Lost and Found” - especially wallets, phones, anything of value
  10. Check for books in the bins, reshelve shelves, & on tables – browse them and reshelve.
    Remember to do statistics for all reshelving
  11. Make sure date stamps (only 1 week, 2 week, 2 day, and UG) and stat sheets have been changed.
  12. Refill Circulation boxes with slips and pencils (found in the back room).
  13. Any housekeeping problems, leave a note for Rebecca or Carolyn.
  14. Turn on the fans - in public area & workroom - if it's stuffy.

Check your e-mail and mailbox for assignments from your supervisor.


(updated 23 August 2017)


Music Library Closing Procedures

One Hour Before Closing Time:

  • Collect and shelve items found in book drops, on tables, on re-shelve shelves and on the reshelf cart in the office. Don't forget to do Statistics!

30 Minutes Before Closing Time:

  • Walk around the Music Library and let patrons know that the that the Service Counter (i.e. Circ) closes in 15 mins. If they want to check something out, now is the time.
  • Turn off any CD, cassette or record players on the floor.
  • Make sure that rooms E281, E280 and E279 are LOCKED.
  • In general, make sure everything is straightened.
    • Turn off any fans that are on in the area - this is very important because fans get hot & can cause a fire if left on overnight
    • Push chairs under tables.
    • Write notes about things that might need attention.
      • Please put your initials on these notes so we know who to come to if there are questions!
        • areas that need shelf reading
        • light bulbs burned out
        • oddities in patron records
        • any "weirdness" with returned materials.

A Couple Of Minutes Before Closing Time:

  • Collect and put away headsets and other reserve materials. Don't forget to do stats!
  • Change the Undergrad loan period date stamp.
  • Prepare the daily stat sheet for the next day we're open (sometimes that is not the following day).
  • Close and lock the Service Counter gate.
  • Shutdown the circulation computer and the student work computer.
  • Make sure that the typewriter is OFF and put on its dust cover
  • Turn off the lights in office and take Key #17 from behind the door.
  • Make sure the office door locks behind you!

On your way downstairs lock the door to the Elevator Room

After Closing - once you're downstairs):

  • Return any bookcart you've brought back down to its proper place
  • Sign Key #17 back in.
  • Clock out on the Time-clock computer.


(updated 23 August 2017)