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UWM Music Library Student Employee Guide: New to LC
& Dewey?

Training Resources for new student workers in the Music & Curriculum Library

Printable Subject Location Guide PDF

The link below is for a printable version of the "How do I find a book in the library?" quarter sheet that includes the subjects associated with each call number letter along with their location in the library. Enjoy!

Library of Congress Call Number Diagram

(Image by University of Kentucky)

Dewey Decimal System Resources

The Curriculum Library at UWM uses the Dewey Decimal System. The stacks in this area are divided into four main sections:

  1. Non-Fiction
  2. Fiction
  3. Picture Books
  4. Reference

Non-Fiction uses Dewey Decimal call numbers. These call numbers begin with numbers.

They look like this:

Fiction uses a Dewey Decimal call number that begins with the first letter of the author's last name, followed by a number and a letter. This would look like the B432g above, but without the decimal number (289.747). 

Picture Books use the same call numbers as Fiction, but are preceeded with (PICT), much like (REF) books in the reference section. They also should have an orange tape tab on the spine. 

Reference books use both Fiction and Non-Fiction call numbers, but are set aside due to their no-checkout status. They also have (REF) preceeding the rest of their call number.