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UWM Music Library Student Employee Guide: Personnel

Training Resources for new student workers in the Music & Curriculum Library

Personnel Guidelines

Campus Resources on Student Employment

How many hours may a student employee work at UWM?

Students generally should not work more than 29 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours per week when school is not in session.  Work weeks are Sunday through Saturday

**Note to our foreign student workers: Foreign students may be limited to fewer hours (e.g., J-1 Exchange Students are limited to 20 hours per Sunday-through-Saturday week). 

Always consult your supervisor before volunteering for extra shifts.

What do I need to know about benefits for student employment?

Students are paid for actual hours worked. They do not get:

  • paid leave time (such as legal holidays)
  • "make up" time for days when the university is closed (for example, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • fringe benefits like health insurance or tuition reimbursement.  Student health coverage is available through the school.


Student Employment Manual and Policies


Federal Work-Study supports jobs for undergraduate and graduate students which allow them to earn money to pay educational expenses. Students are employed under Federal Work-Study, Federal Work-Study Community Service, or the Federal Work-Study America Reads/America Counts program. These programs are a form of financial aid. A FAFSA application must be completed to be evaluated for these programs. A student must have financial need and be enrolled on at least a half-time basis.Details on the Federal work study program are available onlineayroll schedules, etc. please see the Student Employment Information site.  


HRS is the UWM campus timeclock system.  You will clock in and out via HRS webclock for every shift worked.  Your supervisor or designate assistant in your area will approve the "hours worked" for payment every 2 weeks, so notify them promptly if any changes are needed (if you were unable to clock in, for example).  The bi-weekly payroll schedule is online.

Instructions on how to use HRS:

  1. Select UW-Milwaukee and log in with your panther ID and password.
  2. Select the webclock and again log in with your panther ID and password.
  3. For starting a shift, select the "Punch Type" to "In."
  4. When clocking out, follow the same steps except change the "Punch Type" to "Out."

Madison's HRS Knowledgebase contains tutorials on it's use.

Using the webclock.


Discriminatory Conduct Policy (including sexual harassment)


(414) 229-

              6201  - Kim Wesley, Interim Business Officer, UWM Libraries Personnel Office -

              9-911 - Emergency

              4627  - Campus Police