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Commonly Requested Data from the AGSL
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TIGER Products - United States census shapefiles with feature class information. No demographic data. Features like: Roads, Railroads, Rivers, Landmarks, Public Use, Blocks, Block Groups, States, Counties, School Districts, Legislative Districts, Urban Areas, Native American Areas, Alaska Native Areas, Native Hawaiian Areas, and More. 

Data.Gov: United States statistical and geospatial data including: Climate, Local government, Ecosystems, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Ocean, Disasters, Maritime, World Wide Human Geography Data (WWHGD), Energy, Safety, Agriculture, Finance, Water, Atmospheric, Transportation, Pacific Islands, Coastal Flooding, Human Health, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Vulnerability, and More. 

NHGIS - Aggregate United States census data including demographics designed specifically for use within Geographic Information Systems. Historic census boundary shapefiles available 1790-present.

GeoData @ Wisconsin - Wisconsin Holdings for Tax Parcels and Assessment Data, Streets, Land Use, Address Points, Municipalities, Zoning, Hydrography, and Building Footprints. 

MCLIO - Milwaukee County data including: (Basemap - all included together as one download): Marshes, Trees, Fences, Structures, Piers, Bridges, Cemetaries, Pools, Patios, Water Bodies, Athletic Fields, Parks, Bleachers, Golf Courses, Baseball Diamonds, Contours and Depressions, Roads, Driveways, Parking, Trails, Sidewalks, Railways, Shoulders, Telephone Poles, Pipelines, (Real Estate - all included together as one download): Condos, Parcels, Taxkeys, Addresses, Sub-developments, Streets, Street Right-of-Way, (LiDAR - available as separate downloads): LAS points, DEMs, Hillshade, Smooth, Slope, Height Above Ground, and More.

MPROP - City of Milwaukee: Taxkey, Area of Property, Address, Legal Description, Owner Name, Owner Mailing Address, Year Built, Area of Buildings on Property, Number of Beds, Baths, and Fireplaces for any property in the City of Milwaukee, and Land Use Categories. 

Natural Earth - World data. Raster imagery and shapefiles with attribute information used for cartographic purposes. Available at three scales (1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:100m). Create visually stunning maps of any location on earth: Countries, States, Provinces, Departments, Populated Places, Urban Polygons, Parks and Protected Areas, Roads, Railroads, Airports, Timezones, Pacific Nation Groupings, Water Boundary Indicators, Coastline, Land, Ocean, Minor Islands, Reefs, Physical Region Features, Rivers and Lakes Centerlines, Lakes, Glaciated Areas, Antarctic Ice Shelves, Bathymetry, Geographic Lines, and Graticules. 

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