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The Theatre: Modern & Contemporary


About The UWM Music Library


  • Who: The largest collection of music in Southeastern Wisconsin, the UWM Music Library is the only UW school other than Madison with a separate Music Library and a full-time Music Librarian to help you with your classwork and advanced research.
  • What:
    70,000 LPs (yes, Vinyl!)
    nearly 8,000 CDs (yes, we have rock, pop, world, & jazz)
    30,000 Books about music with topics ranging from biographies of Bach, the history of the publishing and printing industry, and how to learn to play the guitar to critical studies of Hip Hop, Jazz in France, and the music of the native peoples of the Andies.
    30,000 pieces of printed music.
Online listening to over 700,000 tracks of music through commercial streaming audio services.

  • Where: The East side of the 2nd floor of the Library -- you'll walk right through the middle of our space every time you go to the computer lab in the Library !!
  • When: During the semester we're open 8am-10pm on weekdays, with slightly different hours on Fridays and weekends. Check the Libraries' website for the most up-to-date hours.
  • How: You can email your questions about music to our email or live-chat reference services at, phone us directly at 229-5529, or, of course, drop in and talk to us in person.
fun library video

This video was filmed here in the UWM Libraries by a recent graduate of the Peck School of the Arts Film Department for a class project. It's very fun.

Music, Theatre, & Dance Librarian
Rebecca Littman

NOTE: You may chat with a librarian at any time. If someone is available online in the Music Library, you will be transferred to us. If not, you can phone us or we will e-mail you a response later.

Head, Music & Curriculum Library

Find Me: E-295 Golda Meir Library Bldg (2nd floor East Wing)

Phone: 414-229-3924 (My Office)
Phone: 414-229-5529 (Music Library Office)
Hours: I am available 9am-6pm weekdays (or by appointment)
Subjects:Dance, Music