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Music Library Browse/Research Guides: Horn/French Horn

Tips for Searching

  • When searching for recordings or scores for this instrument, try both "French Horn" and "Horn." There is a debate among the professionals on the official name of the instrument and therefore the instrument and its repertoire have been found under both terms.

  • When looking for a score, make sure that it is in the correct key! Horn music comes in a variety of keys, most commonly: F, Bb/Bs, and Eb/Es.

Barry Tuckwell Horn History

Tuckwell created a documentary on the history of the Horn. This video is the first of the series.

Horn Guide

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Dennis Brain Performance

Key Horn Players and Composers

Dennis Brain, principal horn in Royal Philharmonia Orchestra

    C-Disc Z NAA 1282 [CD]

    C-Disc Z CAA 1424 [CD]

    ANG 35496 [LP record]

Philip Farkas, Chicago Symphony, Cleveland Symphony, Boston Symphony

     COR 4891 [LP record]

    MT420 F3x A6 [book]

    MT75 F37 [book]

Georg Kopprasch, composer of Kopprasch Etudes

     MT425 K7x S5 1939 [book]

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, composer of Horn Concerti

     M1029 M94 T8x 1994 [score]

     C-Disc HAR 907012 [CD]

Punto, Beethoven's principal Horn player, composer

     M289 P86x 1965 [score]

     M462 S86 op.2 no.1 G6 [score]

     LON 6938 [LP record of Beethoven's Sonata for Horn and Piano, op. 17]

Franz Strauss, composer, principal Horn player at the Bavarian Court Opera

     M263 .S77x op.7 1996 [score]

Richard Strauss, composer

     C-Disc PHI 412 237 2 [CD]

     M1029 S92x op.11 I5 [score]

Barry Tuckwell, London Symphony Orchestra

     LON 6519 [LP record]

     C-Disc LON 417 4062 [CD]

     M1029 M94 T8x 1994 [score for the Mozart Horn Concerti edited by Tuckwell]

     C-Disc Z CAA 1508 [CD]

     Z AMF 0025 [LP record]