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Multicultural America (WGS 150): Evaluate


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and recognize the creator.
  2. Ask thoughtful questions about creator's bias, perspective, and authority.
  3. Ask thoughtful questions about date, distribution, purpose, and physicality of item.
  4. Exhibit awareness of one's own bias.

Key Terms

The individual, group, or organization that is responsible for something's production, accumulation, or formation.

Evaluation Exercise: Maier Records

Henry Maier was mayor of Milwaukee from 1960-1988; the records of his administration document the activities of his office during that time, including activities relating to the civil rights struggle in Milwaukee. The materials in the provided folder relate to civil disturbances that occurred the evening of July 30, 1967 through to early morning July 31, 1967. Mayor Maier took several extreme steps to stop the violence, including imposing a city-wide curfew and calling in the National Guard. Three people died from gunshot wounds and 100 persons were injured as a result of the disturbance. A number of homes, cars, and businesses along North Third Street were destroyed or severely burned. A total of 1,740 people were arrested.

Read through the documents and then answer the questions in the right-hand box.

Questions: Maier Records


  • Who is the audience for this document? (In other words, who was the log written for, and why was it written?)
  • What can you learn about the civil disturbances from this document? What specific occurrences stand out for you as significant during the event?
  • There is some dispute over whether or not the events of July 30, 1967 constituted a “riot”, or an overreaction to events by the mayor. Which interpretation does this log support?
  • Can you trust this document to present the whole truth about the civil disturbances? Why or why not?