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Urban Studies 984: Research Project in Urban Institutions: Sources Used for This Session

Archives Resources for Urban Studies 984 students.

Searching Search@UW for Sources

There are many ways to search Search@UW to locate, or discover, archival source material about your research topics. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Go to Search@UW "Advanced Search" to search by library's subject heading by clicking here.

2) To search for material on, for example, food insecurity in Milwaukee, you will want to limit your search to just the material in the Archives, both because we have plenty for you to choose from and also so that your search results will be a manageable amount.

Enter the following into the first search box:

hunger milwaukee

Select "all of these" in the second box and

Select "Subject" in the last ("within") box

Scroll down to the "Location" box, and select " MIL Archives"

Click on "Search" button and explore the results. Remember to consider or try to determine what language the source material is in. (You may not be able to tell until you actually consult the sources.)

3) If you de-select "MIL Archives", it is still possible to limit your search to primary sources by scrolling to "Genre" and selecting "Manuscript Collections". This will give you results for primary sources across the UW System and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

If you are not happy with your search results, visit or call us at 414 229 5402, or find a reference librarian on the main level of the library to help you.

Recommended Collections

In the Archives Dept., we have a significant amount of primary sources for your study of urban studies-related topics. A list of pertinent collections follows. We have many other collections on the general topic, which you may explore by using the search strategies described elsewhere in this guide, or by asking an archivist.

Subject Guide

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