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Cited Reference Searching: Multi-Disciplinary

Revised 2015


These databases cover a variety of academic disciplines.

Help Contacts

For assistance with these databases consult our subject specialists page to locate an appropriate contact:

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Database Cited Sources Link Displays as: Searching Within Index Reference Lists Searching by "Article Title" Within Full-Text Tutorial Available
ABI/INFORM Complete “Cited by” Advanced Search: "References- REF" Advanced Search “Document text” N/A
Academic Search Complete “Times Cited in this Database” [Must limit on side to "References Available"] Cited References: [Blue sub-tab at top] Advanced Search: "TX All Text" or check box for: "Also search within the full text of the articles" N/A
Annual Reviews “Times Cited" [Link to Web of Science] Advanced Search: "cited author" Advanced Search “Full Text” N/A
Dissertations & Theses “Cited by” "Advanced Search: Reference- REF" Advanced Search “Document Text” N/A
Google Scholar “Cited By” N/A Advanced Search: Find Articles “anywhere in the article” Creating a Google Scholar Citation Profile
HighWire Press “Articles Citing this Article” N/A Advanced Search “Anywhere in Text” N/A
JSTOR “x Items Citing this Item” or Google Scholar “Items Citing this Item” [NOTE: I can't get this to work for me; see email] N/A Basic or Advanced to search full-text N/A
MasterFILE Premier N/A N/A Advanced Search: "TX All Text" or check "Also search within the full text of the articles" N/A
ScienceDirect “Citing Articles" Advanced Search “References” Advanced Search “Full Text” N/A
Web of Science “Times Cited” Cited Reference Search [Select arrow next to "Basic Search"] N/A Web of Science Quick Reference Guide