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CD Browsing Lists: Christmas CDs

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Christmas CDs Browse List

  • Adams, John
    • El Nino    C-Disc Z IAA 1001
  • Anonymous 4
    • On Yoolis Night: Medieval corals and motets    C-Disc Z APR 0344
    • Star in the East: Medieval Hungarian Christmas music    C-Disc Z APR 0345
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian
    • Book of chorale-settings for Johann Sebastian Bach: Advents and Christmas    C-Disc Z CAA 1773 v.78
    • Christmas oratorio BWV 248    C-Disc Z CAA 1773 v.76
    • Christmas oratorio BWV 248 (highlights)    C-Disc Z NAA 1203
  • Battle, Kathleen and Christopher Parkening
    • Angels' glory    C-Disc Z NAA 1260
  • Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
    • Jingle all the way    C-Disc Z KAA 1117
  • Blind Boys of Alabama
    • Go tell it on the Mountain (inc. bonus track)    C-Disc Z GAA 1444
    • Go tell it on the Mountain    C-Disc Z GAA 1046
  • Boston Camerata/Joel Cohen
    • A Renaissance Christmas    C-Disc Z OAA 3092 ; C-Disc Z ANG 7450
  • Boston Camerata/Joel Cohen
    • A Medieval Christmas    C-Disc Z OAA 3091
  • Britten, Benjamin
    • Choral music    C-Disc Z APR 1354
  • Byrd, William
    • Mass for three voices: With the Propers for the nativity    C-Disc NIM 5302
  • Canadian Brass
    • Christmas with the Canadian Brass    C-Disc RCA 4132
  • Capella Istropolitana/Jaroslav Kr(e)cek
    • Christmas concerti    C-Disc Z OAA 3042
  • Capella Romana
    • When Augustus reigned: Christmas music from the Byzantine tradition    C-Disc Z OAA 3066
  • Carpenters
    • Christmas portrait    C-Disc Z LAA 1198
  • Cartellieri, Antonio
    • Weihnachtsoratorium / Christmas oratorio    C-Disc Z OAA 3039
  • Chanticleer        
    • Christmas with Chanticleer    C-Disc Z IAA 1572
  • Collins, Judy
    • Come rejoice    C-Disc Z IAA 1195
  • Connick Jr., Harry
    • Harry for the holidays    C-Disc Z LAA 1171
  • Conrad, Susa
    • Music for Christmas    C-Disc Z IAA 1394
  • Coro Hispano de San Francisco
    • Música criolla choral gems from Argentina    C-Disc Z OAA 2241
  • Crosby, Bing
    • Christmas with Bing Crosby    C-Disc Z IAA 1543
  • Denver, John
    • Christmas together    C-Disc Z IAA 1563
  • Dudley, Anne
    • Ancient and modern    C-Disc Z HAA 1078
  • Eckhardt-Gramatte, S.C.
    • Centenary celebration    C-Disc Z CAA 1832
  • Ensemble choral du Bout-du-monde
    • Noels Celtiques: Celtic Christmas music from Brittany    C-Disc Z IAA 1544
  • Garcia, José Maurício Nunes
    • Brasil Missa pastoril para noite de Natal    C-Disc Z OAA 2750
  • Gregg Smith Singers and others
    • Christmas caroling with the Gregg Smith Singers and friends    C-Disc Z NAA 1853
  • Heritage Chorale of Milwaukee
    • Our Heritage gift to you    C-Disc Z IAA 1329
  • Hill, Warren
    • Warren Hill Christmas    C-Disc Z GAA 1447
  • I Musici/Maria Teresa Garatti
    • Christmas concertos: Corelli, Torelli, Manfredini, Locatelli    C-Disc Z OAA 3026
  • Irish Tenors
    • Home for Christmas    C-Disc Z GAA 1258
  • Kathedralchor Kairo
    • Liturgie der Koptisch-orthodoxen Kirche Weihnachten    C-Disc Z NAA 1415
  • King College University of Cambridge Choir
    • Festival of nine lessons and carols    C-Disc Z JAA 1044
  • Liberace, George
    • Christmas at Liberace's    C-Disc Z HAA 1010
  • Mannheim Steamroller
    • Christmas    C-Disc Z EAA 1002
  • Música Antigua de Albuquerque
    • A rose of such virtue: Reverence from the Renaissance and Middle Ages    C-Disc Z OAA 3009
  • National Public Radio
    • Christmas around the country    C-Disc Z OAA 2910
  • New College (University of Oxford) Choir
    • Nativitas    C-Disc Z OAA 2912
  • New York Concert Singers
    • Season's promise    C-Disc Z DAA 1041
  • Northwest Chamber Orchestra of Seattle
    • Baroque Christmas music    C-Disc Z OAA 3005
  • Odetta
    • Christmas spirituals    C-Disc Z APP 5150
  • Oni Wytars/Unicorn
    • On the way to Bethlehem    C-Disc Z OAA 2400
  • Praetorius, Michael
    • Mass=Messe    C-Disc Z AMZ 1866
  • Publick Musick/Tom Folan
    • Aural borealis    C-Disc Z OAA 3024
  • Rieu, Andre
    • Merry Christmas    C-Disc Z HAA 1151
  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Royal Philharmonic Christmas    C-Disc Z LAA 1139
  • Savae
    • La noche buena: Christmas music of colonial Latin America    C-Disc Z OAA 3301
  • Scholar Cantorum of St. Peter's in the Loop/J. Michael Thompson
    • God is with us: Chants for Christmas with carols from Poland and Ukraine    C-Disc Z LAA 1366
  • Seeger, Ruth Crawford
    • The sounding joy: Christmas songs in and out of the Ruth Crawford Seeger songbook    C-Disc Z PAA 1047
  • Sequentia
    • Aquitania: Christmas music from Aquitanian Monasteries    C-Disc Z EAA 1351
  • Simon, Carly
    • Christmas is almost here    C-Disc Z LAA 1176
  • Slovenski komorni zbor
    • Bozicne pesmi    C-Disc Z LAA 1098
    • Stare bozicne pesmi    C-Disc Z LAA 1106
  • Toensing, Richard
    • Flute concertos: Of angels and shepards    C-Disc Z DAA 1021
  • Toussaint, Allen
    • New Orleans Christmas    C-Disc Z EAA 1024
  • Tyrell, Steve
    • This time of year    C-Disc Z HAA 1150
  • Various Artists
    • Amahl and the night visitors    C-Disc Z FAA 1001
    • Ave Maria: The ultimate Christmas album    C-Disc Z IAA 1583
    • Chant Gregorien    C-Disc Z IAA 1274
    • Christmas toasts from TV hosts    C-Disc Z HAA 1011
    • Christmas around the world    C-Disc Z JAA 1034
    • Christmas through the ages: Christmas music from the last eight hundred years    C-Disc Z OAA 3016
    • God is with us: Chants for Christmas    C-Disc Z LAA 1366
    • The greatest Christmas concertos    C-Disc Z OAA 3034
    • Hits: Christmas    C-Disc Z EAA 1001
    • Making spirits bright    C-Disc Z GAA 1445
    • Noels    C-Disc Z FAA 1068
    • Putumayo Christmas: World, folk, blues, jazz and soul    C-Disc Z APP 5154
    • Songs of angels    C-Disc Z IAA 1554
    • Songs of the season    C-Disc Z MAA 1061
    • Ultimate R&B Christmas    C-Disc Z EAA 1000
  • Vaughn Williams
    • Hodie: Fantasia on Christmas carols    C-Disc Z APS 3356
  • Waverly Consort
    • Christmas from East Anglia to Appalachia    C-Disc Z OAA 3344
  • Willaert, Adrian
    • Vespro di Natale    C-Disc Z OAA 3040
  • Winchester Cathedral Choir
    • In dulci jubilo    C-Disc Z CAA 1539

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