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This guide supports BSN professional writing assignments, especially those focused on avoiding plagiarism in professional writing.

Getting Started with Nursing Research

Finding top quality academic sources is essential to professional writing for Nursing. There are an overwhelming number of places to search online, all with varying degrees of ease and usability.

Here are a few quick links to get you started!


What is cited reference searching? Cited references are the articles, books or other materials listed in a bibliography or as works cited in a particular publication. Because citation databases index each reference, it is possible to search these cited references. One can follow a particular cited reference, or cited author, forward in time to find more current articles that have also cited that author or work. What are impact factors? Impact factor for journal X= The number of citations in a given year, to all articles published in journal X for the previous two years, divided by the number of articles in that journal for those previous two years. Why use cited reference searching? To locate current research based on earlier research To find out how many times and where a publication is being cited To find out who is citing a particular paper To find out how a particular research topic is being used to support other research To track the history of a research idea To track the research history of a researcher To determine how well your own published research is cited for promotion/tenure considerations

Cited reference searching is now available on Search@UW. When you conduct an Article search on Search@UW, you may see "Cited By" in the results. By clicking on "Cited By," you are conducting a cited reference search!


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