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Biological Sciences 202: Library Research Activity

Library research guide for finding cited references on case studies in human anatomy and physiology

Why am I here?

Use these resources as you complete the Library Citation and Research Activity

Task 2. Watch: How do I search? Goal: Create successful search strategy

Task 2.1.1 Watch: How do I edit my search results? Goal: Utilize facets to improve your search results.

Task 2.2 Review: Is this Article Scholarly? Goal: Correctly identify peer-reviewed articles.

Task 3. Cite your sources using the CSE or AMA style Goal: Compare your citation with the format.

Task 4. Watch: Cited Reference Searching in Google Scholar. Goal: Locate sources that cite each other.

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Subject Guide

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Task 1. How do I search?

Task 1. Question 2. Scholarly vs. Popular

Is this article scholarly? There are two articles side by side. One is from the scholarly journal, Social Influence. It is original research and has author credentials, an abstract, uses formal specialized language, is written for scholars and experts, and includes extensive references. The other articles is from the popular magazine New Scientist. It is an overview of multiple studies. It includes eye-catching graphics, less formal language, and is written for a general audience.

Task 1. Question 3. How do I edit my search results?

Task 3. Cited Reference Searching in Google Scholar

Where is the article?

Q: Where is the full-text of my article?

A: Watch this video to show you the steps for getting the full-text for FREE through UWM Libraries using GET IT!.

**Did you know that many foreign language articles will have an English abstract? Be sure you are finding articles you can read!