Cited Reference Searching: Welcome

This guide covers cited reference searching features available in UWM's journal databases.


Cited reference searching is the process of determining what articles have cited a particular article over time. Tracking cited references can be valuable for a variety of reasons:

-to determine who has cited specific papers or authors

-to discover how an idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, corrected, or developed over time

-to identify seminal papers

          -to identify other researchers with common interests

          -as a means of assessing the impact of an individual's publications                                            for purposes of promotion and tenure

          -as an indicator of a publication's influence1  

Databases offer various tools that allow one to conduct cited reference searching, including "cited reference" indexes or full-text search that can scour bibliography pages.

This guide will chart the methods in which a UWM researcher can perform cited reference searching.

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